Welcome at Bernhard Transport

Flowers and plants remain beautiful with transport by Bernhard

'We offer air-conditioned transportation, especially for flowers and plants, because those are sensitive products. Each type of flower or plant has different requirements, such as, for example, the transport temperature, in order to keep it in good condition. We know how important good transport is for flowers and plants. Next to our transport company, we have a nursery, and we thus speak from experience.’ Bram Bernhard explains that Bernhard Transport in Luttelgeest, Flevoland distinguishes itself with this from colleague nurseries. ‘Another important plus of Bernhard Transport is that we deliver on time and to the correct address. It sounds so obvious, but it is very important. Our team of 12 regular drivers is dedicated to this. They prepare themselves well for it.’


Bernhard Transport:

  • Air-conditioned transport for flowers and plants
  • Daily auction transport
  • Delivered on time, to the correct address
  • Regular team of drivers
  • Quality and service in air-conditioned transport


Daily transport to and from auction
Bernhard Transport transports flowers and plants daily. 'We do a great deal of auction transport. We offer quality in air-conditioned transport and on time. The service is included as a standard.’

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