Contracted transport

Air-conditioned transport with care
If you want to be certain that your carefully cultivated flowers and plants are transported with the same level of care, then Bernhard Transport from Luttelgeest, Flevoland is the right company. The Bernhard family also has green thumbs and thus knows how important good transportation is. With our insulated trailers, combis and EuroCombis (25.25 m), we provide daily transport to and from various auctions in the Netherlands. Due to good collaboration with colleague nurseries, Bernhard Transport is able to deliver to multiple auctions with a short turnaround time.


Bernhard Transport for your company:

  • Transport with care and attention
  • Right transport conditions for flowers and plants
  • Regular shuttle service with seven vehicles to the various auctions
  • Collaboration with colleague transporters for fast auction delivery
  • Always quality and service: on time and at the right location
  • Daily transport to all auctions

Right time and place

With Bernhard Transport, you are always assured of high-quality air-conditioned transport. In addition, our drivers are always well prepared, so that they are in the right place at the right time. That goes without saying for us. And you get that service at no extra cost. Contact us for more information and rates.

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