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Bit of history
In 1972, the Bernhard family relocated from Amsterdam to Luttelgeest in the Noordoostpolder. Grandfather Bernhard grew vegetables in Amsterdam, as well as flowers later. In order to be able to expand, the step to the polder was made. Bram Bernhard about this: 'We currently cultivate cut roses, orchids, bedding and container plants. In order to have high-quality transportation for these products, we set up our own transport branch in 1972. We were soon providing transport for colleague nurseries as well.’


From then to now:

  • Transport company for our own nursery
  • Expanded into a full-fledged transport company
  • Air-conditioned transport for plants and flowers
  • Transport at the right temperature
  • Daily auction transport


Air-conditioned transport

Bernhard Transport is now a full-fledged transport company with a team of 12 regular drivers. This team provides daily transport, among other things, to and from all auctions. Bram tells about the method of Bernhard Transport. 'Our vehicles are equipped for the transportation of flowers and plants, so air-conditioned transport. We know what transport temperature is best for each type of flower or plant in order to keep them in the best condition during transportation. A cut flower does best at a temperature of 3 ⁰C, while an orchid is best transported at 21 ⁰C. Our insulated trailers are ideal for this.’


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